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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How to get more LIKES on Facebook?

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Do you end up getting 3-4 likes in your posts on Facebook?
Is your user engagement low?

If you answered yes for the above questions, this infographic
is perfectly for you.

Do you include images while posting anything?
Do you pose any question?
When do you post?

These are some questions you have to ask yourself.
Because when it comes to user engagement, these factors are the most important.

Below is an infographic showing some incredible ways to get more likes on Facebook.

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How to Get More Likes on Facebook - Infographic
Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Redefining Content:How to write articles that get NOTICED!

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get noticed
Do you want your posts to be a hit?

Do you want the hours spent in 
writing a content to be fruitful?

Then you should be reading this.

What exactly makes a good article?

Many factors are taken into consideration, the most
important of them is the post length.

Post Length Matters

There has been much debate about the post lengths. I am pretty sure you have already read articles with heading: Long posts vs. Short post, How much length a post should be, etc. Some say that long posts are awesome while some provide an dual view on the issue.

Here is a post by Quick Sprout which explains the essence of post length: How post length affects conversions and traffics
These debate ward off when the king Google prefers long posts. Yes, Google prefers long posts. According to a survey by serpIQ, the average words of an article in the top ten results are 2000+. This fact is convincing enough to prefer long posts.
Do you write such epic contents?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The MATHS behind the Science of Facebook News Feed

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Did you ever wonder why you see a small number of status updates and stories in you news feed even though a bunch of your friends are online?

Or you see those posts only for a while and then
 its gone, vanished……

And most of the space is occupied by paid pages
 and celebrities that you mostly hate……

Who sees your posts and whose posts do you see?

It like a whole Google process. Like Google, Facebook also has its own algorithm for determining posts which appear in your news feed.

It’s a hell lot of mathematics.

The formula is called: Edgerank
It takes basically two factors into consideration: Personal interaction and Network interaction.
See the below infographic for detailed information.


Infographic courtesy of PostRocket.

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Believe it or not >>Google is faster than your thoughts!

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Are you kidding? Google is faster than my thoughts?

This may be your feeling after reading the headline.
But seriously, no kidding.

Think of the million pages out there. Google filters it inless than blink of an eye and displays the best results for you.

Here are the kick-ass stats that will numb your mind:
  • Google indexes over 100 million gigabytes of information.
  • Google shows the results to you by answering 200 questions.
  • It all happens in 1/8th of a second=faster than your thoughts

See the below animated infographic to see the basic process of working of Google.
Infographic courtesy: QuickSprout

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Discover 11 Stunning Facebook Covers that FLAUNTS your PERSONALITY

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Facebook, the biggest social media with the largest active members......

And so on goes the long record list of Facebook.
And Why not? Facebook has earned all that buzz.

Considering that you spend a lot of time in Facebook, its important to have a good.......no a STUNNING Facebook cover that rightly defines your attitude.

Whether you are a blogger or just a social media savvy, your Facebook cover describes the type of person you are, or your business, etc.

You might have thought previously to change it, but you haven't done till now, right? So just scroll down to see some of the most beautiful Facebook covers.


Its a tricky quote. In the first line, it sounds like
a sober person, but as soon as we get down,
it reveals that the person is actually funny.


This describes you as a helping person. This cover rightly the graphical image of the old adage, " A friend in need is a friend in need".


This tells a lot in only"12 words". It describes you as a positive minded fellow who sees bad in every good.



Considering the popularity of Sprite, this cover image would perfectly suit you. Graphically, it shows large auditorium with large speakers. It shows off a funky person.

#5 This is HOW WE DEW 

If you are kind of a daring person, this image is         perfectly for you.

Nelson-Mandela-Facebook-cover-photoSurprise your friends. Share this article.


Of course, we all know Mandela. His contribution to humanity is indelible. This cover page is a tribute to him by you.


It says a lot in just three words. It pictures a person who believes in doing not bluffing.


Its a symbolic representation of something obvious which is funny when visualized. We all know what happens when a cat pounces upon a fish, it is reduced to a skeleton!


If you love music, you will love this cover too. It shows how passionate you are about music!


Do you listen to your heart rather than your mind? Well if you are like that, this cover perfectly pictures you
#11 COOL

Its an obvious cover image. It aggressively announces that you are really cool!

I hope you loved the images. So go on. Change you cover image and be awesome.
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Welcome to my blog, buddy!

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Hey, what's up? I am Ayash Dwibedy. 

And yes,  I am the founder Weblashers.

Here's the deal, I am here to help you build an effective blog. Besides that, I will be blogging about some trendy social news. 

My goal is to provide you with effective and proven blogging tips. My goal is to help every single blogger create an impact in blogosphere.

Now, something might be troubling you that 'Why me"? What is in "Weblashers' that isn't in other blogs? Here are 5 good reasons to follow my very own blog:
  • Every day you will learn proved blogging tips that ensure success
  • I can assure you that my content will always be updated so you don't have to google endless hours
  • My content will provide you plenty of actionable ideas that you can implement right away
  • My articles would be unique blend of ideas and implementation of all the knowledge that has been accumulated over time
  • And here's a bonus reason: It's FREE!
You can contact me via my contact page.

You can follow weblashers through the following social medias:
Do you really want to take your blog to the next level? I know it sounds crazy for a man with no previous experience to make such big promises. But believe me on this, all the post that I write would be thoroughly researched.
You can subscribe to my RSS .
You can like Weblahsers on Facebook: Like , Share
Finally, I hope that you will like my consistent efforts of providing you with quality content! And my blog!
Thank you.
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